Er collet

Er collet holders with 1 pc collet. RHS provides system 3r 3R-659.32-P, 3R-659.20-P, 3R-659.16-P COLLET CHUCK ER32 ER20 ER16 MACRO. Erowa Collet chuck holder 50 ER-008566, ER-093999.
Rapid holding Systems ER Collet Chucks are indeed compatible with other product lines. Specifically, they are fully cross-compatible with System 3R Macro Or Erowa products as well as similar product lines. This compatibility allows for seamless integration of RHS ER Collet Chucks into your existing machining setup without the requirement of additional adapters or modifications. You can easily incorporate these chucks into your current machinery setup, ensuring efficient and effective utilization of your resources.
RHS ER Collet Chucks are designed to provide superior rigidity and accuracy compared to the competition. They offer exceptional versatility, as they can hold a wide range of tool diameters. Our chucks are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and precision, maintaining tight tolerances for concentricity and repeatability within microns. With their exceptional rigidity, accuracy, and versatility, RHS ER Collet Chucks are the perfect choice for any precision machining application.

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