7 Reasons to Automate Your EDM Machine 

In the intricate world of manufacturing, precision reigns supreme. Every component must align seamlessly to create a flawless end product. However, the challenges faced by professionals like Engineers, Managers, and Specialists in this complex arena are formidable. The market thrives on excellence and innovation, making advanced automation pivotal to enhance productivity and remain competitive. Rapid Holding Systems aims to usher in an era of precision and efficiency with our range of EDM, Wire EDM, and CNC tools, meticulously designed to amplify the potential across various manufacturing industries. 

While some may have reservations about process automation, its impact surpasses concerns of cost and timing. Beyond these, it’s crucial to assess how innovation contributes to growth, both in the short and long term. Here, we unveil the benefits and solutions that EDM automation can offer: 

1. Reduced Lead Times: Automating EDM processes enhances speed and efficiency. Complex tasks achieve impeccable finishes using fewer electrodes, minimizing unproductive machine periods. Our automated EDM tools reduce lead times while elevating precision. 

2. Increased Productivity: Automation extends machine production hours by reducing human intervention and eliminating bottlenecks. Electrode availability is guaranteed and integrated seamlessly.  

3. Enhanced Process Repeatability: Automated, tested processes offer high repeatability, reducing defective pieces and costs while shortening lead times. 

4. Minimized Human Error: Automation minimizes human-related issues, ensuring uniform results regardless of the operator. 

5. Empowered Workforce and Continuous Improvement: Automation liberates workers from repetitive tasks, enabling them to focus on value-added activities, like process optimization. 

6. Elevated Manufacturing Quality: Enhanced electrode management and data-driven processes elevate component and electrode manufacturing quality, reducing inspection errors. 

7. Enhanced Production Flexibility: Automation enhances production flexibility, catering to personalized product demands and swiftly addressing unforeseen challenges. 

In this journey towards precision and efficiency, we understand the role of tools like workholding tooling, clamping fixtures, and self-centering vises. These components are crucial for achieving the desired accuracy in automated processes. 

Ready to up your game of precision?  

Our range of EDM, Wire EDM, and CNC tools, along with advanced automation, can drastically transform your manufacturing processes. These tools, including workholding tooling, clamping fixtures, and self-centering vises, have been meticulously designed to elevate precision, boost productivity, and drive efficiency in various manufacturing industries 

Machining with Flexible Self-Centering Vises

Enhancing CNC and EDM Machine Performance.

When it comes to CNC machines and EDM machines, precision is crucial in machining operations. At Rapid Holding Systems, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality CNC tools and EDM machines that help manufacturers achieve optimal precision. 

In this blog post, we will explore the Design and working mechanism of flexible clamping self-centering vises in CNC, EDM and Wire EDM machining and how they simplify the setup process, ensure accurate positioning, and enhance repeatability.  

Discover how our reliable self-centering vises can elevate your CNC and EDM machine experience.

Rapid Holding Systems Flexible vises 

Introducing Rapid Holding Systems and their innovative solution for irregular parts clamping – the flexible clamping self-centering vises. 

When it comes to securing irregularly shaped parts during machining or manufacturing processes, traditional clamping methods often fall short. That’s where Rapid Holding Systems step in with their cutting-edge technology. 

The flexible clamping self-centering vises offer a game-changing solution for industries that deal with complex and non-standard components. These vises are designed to adapt to the unique contours of irregular parts, ensuring a secure and stable grip throughout the operation. 

What sets these self-centering vises apart is their ability to automatically adjust and align themselves with the part being clamped. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments, saving valuable time and minimizing human error. With rapid holding systems’ self-centering vise, you can trust that your irregular parts will be held firmly in place, allowing for precise machining and increased productivity. 

Moreover, these versatile vises are compatible with various workholding setups, making them suitable for a wide range of applications across industries. Whether you’re working with intricate components in aerospace engineering or handling unconventional shapes in automotive manufacturing, rapid holding systems’ flexible clamping self-centering vises provide the reliability and efficiency you need. 

Say goodbye to cumbersome setups and unreliable clamping methods. Embrace the future of workholding with rapid holding systems’ innovative solution – the flexible clamping self-centering vise. Experience enhanced productivity, improved accuracy, and peace of mind knowing that your irregular parts are securely held throughout every operation. 


This revolutionary tool will completely transform your workpiece profiling process. 

With independently resilient pins that can be accurately profiled to the shape of your workpiece, you have full control over creating any contour you desire. Simply press and profile the workpiece on the pins, then rotate and lock the handle on the side to preserve the shape securely. 

No need to worry about cleaning up afterward! Our innovative design includes a cleaning interface that can be connected to clean air pressure, ensuring a pristine tool after every use. 

But that’s not all – our system also features auxiliary holes for mountable locating pins, making it easier than ever to limit part placement height. 

Experience the power of precision and efficiency with our Rapid Holding Systems. Unlock endless possibilities for your projects and take your craftsmanship to new heights. Don’t settle for less when it comes to achieving perfection – choose our top-of-the-line solution today! 

Accurate Positioning of Workpieces :

Accurate positioning of workpieces is essential for precise CNC and EDM machining. With flexible clamping self-centering vises, you can rely on accurate workpiece positioning. The self-centering mechanism securely holds the workpiece at the center of the vise, allowing for precise machining from all sides. This accuracy guarantees high-quality cuts, drills, and shaping operations, resulting in superior finished products. 

Choose Rapid Holding Systems as Your Trusted Supplier:

When precision matters most in your machining operations. Our range of meticulously crafted self-centering vises, equipped with adjustable clamping force, precision-ground jaws, and robust construction, ensures optimal precision in machining applications. These flexible clamping self-centering vises offer invaluable advantages, simplifying your setup process, providing accurate workpiece positioning, and enhancing repeatability.  

Elevate your machining experience with us and unlock a new level of precision and efficiency. Contact Rapid Holding Systems today and experience the difference in your machining operations. Trust us to be your chosen supplier of dependable CNC and EDM tools, and together, let’s elevate your work to new heights. 

RHS Macro chucks & Macro pallets

macro chucks and macro pallets

Rapid Holding systems offers workholding system that is fully compatible to System 3r EDM and Wire cut EDM workholding system. Available range in pallets include Macro pallets, macro magnum pallets, Dynafix pallets compatibles.

RHS version macro pallet and macro magnum pallet, is an innovative way of attaching any type of workpiece to 3r system type workholder. This system can be used in medical manufacturing, automotice, aerospace, moldmaking industries, in many different applications like EDM machining and Wire cut EDM. As an example, it can be used in the automotive industry for assembly or in the medical industry for manufacturing prosthetic limbs.

Visit Macro Pallets & Macro Chucks

The RHS macro chuck is compatible with System 3r and offers a fast way of changing the position of your workpiece on your pallet. It can use its quick release function to detach your workpiece from its current position and reattach it in seconds at another position on your pallet.

Get your Wire EDM Machine Running Smoothly


Wire edm is a type of machine that is used to make metal parts. It has been around for years and it has helped companies save time and money when it comes to manufacturing.

Wire edm machines are becoming more efficient with the help of workholders. They have improved the quality of the wire edge and they have also increased production rates. This means that wire edm machines are more efficient than they were before, which is a good thing for companies who use them.

The workholders of the machine are a major factor in the productivity of these machines. They are responsible for holding and turning the workpiece, which is the object that is being machined. The holders can be either manual or automatic, depending on what type of machine it is.

Er32 collet chucks


3r Systems is a leading manufacturer of high-quality pneumatic chucks and collet holders. We, Rapid Holding Systems specialize in offering a complete line of ER32 collet chucks and holders equivalent to system 3r, as well as ER-32 collet holders for other sizes. Rapid holding systems has been carrying out lead sinker workholding and wire cut edm tooling that is exact equivalent to System 3r and Erowa, for over 20 years.

Whether you’re looking to form, shape, or cut metal, it’s all about precision. With system 3r’s EDM workholders, you’ll get the accuracy and power you need for sinker-style workholding. Our deluxe set includes everything you’ll need for your next job: a collet holder and collets of every size—from 1/16-inch to 3/8-inch. When your job is done, chuck out those coins with a pneumatic chuck and return the EDM to the box with our convenient wedm

EDM Machine

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is high accuracy, demanding machining applications where conventional metal removal is difficult or impossible. EDM Technology can control the erosion of tungsten electrical contacts by immersing them in a dielectric fluid.

Die Sinker and Wire EDM are the popular EDM technologies.

Die Sinker EDM

Most popular Die sinker EDM is useful because it creates complex cavity shapes in tool and die applications, such as metal stamping dies and plastic injection molds. The die sinker process begins with machining a graphite electrode to form a “positive” of the desired cavity. This electrode in work piece, causing sparking over its surface as features close the sparking gap — the distance required for sparking.

Wire EDM

Wire EDM uses a thin wire for an electrode. The wire moves in a carefully controlled pattern, roughly analogous to a woodworker’s scroll saw, causing sparking to occur between the wire and the work-piece. Because the electrical discharge erodes by the wire and the work-piece, Wire EDM machines use a spool of wire that’s continuously moving to present a fresh discharge path in the cut.

Systems EDM tooling, electrodes, Chucks, Holders, Pallets, fixtures, materials, guides, and other supplies are used in electrical discharge machining (EDM). EDM tooling requires materials such as electrodes and wires. Rapid Holding Systems are efficiently serving across the United States and throughout the world with our precision EDM Tooling from years. Rapid Holding Systems are provided with Commercial and Government Entity Code called CAGE code.

EDM Tooling System

Click to explore Rapid Holding Systems own System 3r Compatible EDM tooling systems collection  and Erowa compatible EDM tooling.

Rapid Holding systems are leading providers of Erowa ITS compatible tooling . Our Erowa comparable collection has wide variety of Erowa MTS, Erowa UPC, Erowa ITS Technology based EDM Tooling System. Last but not least Rapid Holding Systems proudly serves clients all over North America for Wire EDM Tooling.



Wire EDM machining works by creating an electrical discharge between the wire or the electrode and the workpiece. As the spark jumps across the gap, the material is then removed from the workpiece and the electrode. Wire EDM machining (Electrical Discharge Machining) is an electrothermal production process where a thin single-strand metal wire, along with de-ionized water (used to conduct electricity) allows the wire to cut through metal by the use of heat from electrical sparks, while preventing rust.

Application: Wire EDM is most commonly used in mold and die manufacturing processes, particularly for extrusion dies and blanking punches. EDM can be used in everything from prototypes to full production runs , and is most often used to manufacture metal components and tools. The process is best suited for applications requiring low levels of residual stress.

What can Wire EDM Tooling do?

Wire EDM tooling improves the overall quality of the machine and its processes. Using wire EDM tooling on your machines will provide benefits of reduction in the costs of consumable products, and eliminate the need to outsource entirely without sacrificing the quality of the end product or the speed that the product is produced. Using wire EDM tooling will increase productivity and quality, and decrease consumption and costs, making this a highly beneficial tool to invest in.

RHS Wire EDM tooling system frees up your valuable WEDM machines from unproductive setting-up and preparation times. The well-thought-out combination of vises, clamping elements, and clamping beams enable you to clamp all conceivable workpieces in an appropriate manner.

View our Wire EDM Tooling. Shop with confidence!!

EROWA® Tooling — Max your production with best EDM Tooling at RHS

Rapid Holding Systems goal is to provide you Perfect EDM Tooling | System 3R® and EROWA® Compatible Parts to help you unlock the full potential of your machines. At Rapid Holding Systems provide Ultimate Engineered, Customized and Assembled EDM, WEDM and CNC Tooling in the North America. The EROWA compatible products we supply, will help you achieve an increased level of competitiveness. Our online Erowa Compatible Collection  at Rapid Holding Systems makes it easier for you to find the perfect fit for your EDM manufacturing needs.

EROWA is known worldwide for clamping systems. Seek Rapid Holding System experts in manufacturing automation to get a profitable solution for your production. Our great competence lies in making manufacturing process simpler than the earlier process of manufacturing. With rapid industrialization, the demand for several kinds of tools and machinery had led businesspersons to modify their machinery. We follow Flexible manufacturing concept for automating small series and individual parts.

Erowa compatible MTS Chucks

The tooling system for EDM and milling

With Our Erowa compatible tooling collection, maxx your manufacturing process at a faster pace. EROWA System provided by them is a boon to machinery and innovation in tooling. Browse At Rapid Holding Systems to see Erowa MTS compatible Pallets, Erowa compatible powerchuck, Erowa Electrode holders, Erowa compatible spigots and centering sensors or probes, Erowa compatible clamping systems, Erowa UPC compatible chuck

Improve your EDM and Wire EDM Department

Rapid Holding Systems is one of the leading distributor of Erowa ITS compatible Tooling that deals with highly accurate and reliable Erowa equivalent parts. We provide you with simple to complex EDM and Wire EDM solutions according to your requirement.

Time Saved Production

Fast and precise resetting in tool-making and in light chip removal saves time and money by using the Erowa Compatible EDM Tooling System from Rapid. We are among the reputed companies that offer the best products at affordable rates. We focus on design and customization Erowa equivalent tooling that is easy to install and operate. Precision tooling systems provides you with the Precision tools. It provides you with the precise cutting of tools in much less time because of its accurate fitting that is not possible manually.


Developments in several quarters are responsible for this improved accuracy with less effort. The maximum possible accuracy has improved from about 0.001 inch for the first models to about 0.00005 inch on today’s Erowa equivalent Tooling. The most important innovation has been increasingly reliable and efficient systems.

Wide range of products At Rapid holding Systems, you will find a huge range of EROWA products that include chucks, holders, drawbars, center pallets, At Rapid Holding Systems to see Erowa MTS compatible Pallets Erowa compatible powerchuck, Erowa Electrode holders, Erowa compatible spigots and centering sensors or probes, Erowa compatible clamping systems, Erowa UPC compatible chuck, spigots, etc.

Explore our Erowa Compatible collection and Place an order online or call us to order directly.

Notice: EROWA® company name is trademark or registered trademark by Erowa AG. Its use does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by Erowa.

Dovetail Vise

Rapid Holding System’s Dovetail vises for CNC comes pre-mounted on System 3r or Erowa compatible centering segments. Precision Adaptable Workholding Solutions Dovetail Fixtures: 4th/5th Axis CNC as good as Raptor workholding or Fifth axis at affordable cost.

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