RHS Macro chucks & Macro pallets

Rapid Holding systems offers workholding system that is fully compatible to System 3r EDM and Wire cut EDM workholding system. Available range in pallets include Macro pallets, macro magnum pallets, Dynafix pallets compatibles.

RHS version macro pallet and macro magnum pallet, is an innovative way of attaching any type of workpiece to 3r system type workholder. This system can be used in medical manufacturing, automotice, aerospace, moldmaking industries, in many different applications like EDM machining and Wire cut EDM. As an example, it can be used in the automotive industry for assembly or in the medical industry for manufacturing prosthetic limbs.

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The RHS macro chuck is compatible with System 3r and offers a fast way of changing the position of your workpiece on your pallet. It can use its quick release function to detach your workpiece from its current position and reattach it in seconds at another position on your pallet.

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