Wire EDM machining works by creating an electrical discharge between the wire or the electrode and the workpiece. As the spark jumps across the gap, the material is then removed from the workpiece and the electrode. Wire EDM machining (Electrical Discharge Machining) is an electrothermal production process where a thin single-strand metal wire, along with de-ionized water (used to conduct electricity) allows the wire to cut through metal by the use of heat from electrical sparks, while preventing rust.

Application: Wire EDM is most commonly used in mold and die manufacturing processes, particularly for extrusion dies and blanking punches. EDM can be used in everything from prototypes to full production runs , and is most often used to manufacture metal components and tools. The process is best suited for applications requiring low levels of residual stress.

What can Wire EDM Tooling do?

Wire EDM tooling improves the overall quality of the machine and its processes. Using wire EDM tooling on your machines will provide benefits of reduction in the costs of consumable products, and eliminate the need to outsource entirely without sacrificing the quality of the end product or the speed that the product is produced. Using wire EDM tooling will increase productivity and quality, and decrease consumption and costs, making this a highly beneficial tool to invest in.

RHS Wire EDM tooling system frees up your valuable WEDM machines from unproductive setting-up and preparation times. The well-thought-out combination of vises, clamping elements, and clamping beams enable you to clamp all conceivable workpieces in an appropriate manner.

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