EDM Machine

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is high accuracy, demanding machining applications where conventional metal removal is difficult or impossible. EDM Technology can control the erosion of tungsten electrical contacts by immersing them in a dielectric fluid.

Die Sinker and Wire EDM are the popular EDM technologies.

Die Sinker EDM

Most popular Die sinker EDM is useful because it creates complex cavity shapes in tool and die applications, such as metal stamping dies and plastic injection molds. The die sinker process begins with machining a graphite electrode to form a “positive” of the desired cavity. This electrode in work piece, causing sparking over its surface as features close the sparking gap — the distance required for sparking.

Wire EDM

Wire EDM uses a thin wire for an electrode. The wire moves in a carefully controlled pattern, roughly analogous to a woodworker’s scroll saw, causing sparking to occur between the wire and the work-piece. Because the electrical discharge erodes by the wire and the work-piece, Wire EDM machines use a spool of wire that’s continuously moving to present a fresh discharge path in the cut.

Systems EDM tooling, electrodes, Chucks, Holders, Pallets, fixtures, materials, guides, and other supplies are used in electrical discharge machining (EDM). EDM tooling requires materials such as electrodes and wires. Rapid Holding Systems are efficiently serving across the United States and throughout the world with our precision EDM Tooling from years. Rapid Holding Systems are provided with Commercial and Government Entity Code called CAGE code.

EDM Tooling System

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